Wind-up DAB Radio for digital sound through a disaster


Many people can’t live without their DAB radios to get them through the day. At some places of business, that’s about the only entertainment allowed, if you’re lucky. What happens for those who want to listen to a DAB radio without contributing the minuscule amounts of emission substances that a regular DAB radio puts out? That’s where the wind-up DAB radio, Devo, comes in.

With 60 seconds of winding-up this gadget from Freeplay, you’ll get 3-5 minutes of DAB listening time or an hour of FM radio time, hardly enough to even listen to one broadcast song. Though some people who are gung-ho about energy use, might not mind the exertion they have to put in to the Devo in order to receive the digital audio they crave, such a hassle. There’s also a mains charging system for extended periods of listening time, up to 6 hours of DAB quality. Also included is 5 preset options and a signal strength indicator. Available for ¬£89.99 ($174.78). — Andrew Dobrow

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