When ‘Monopoly’ and ‘Internet’ Collide…

It’s no secret that I love Monopoly, so when I came across this gem in my daily Internet perusing, I absolutely lost my mind… for about ten minutes, then I moved on with the rest of my day.

Presenting: Memeopoly.

The concept is quite simple: It’s Monopoly, but with Internet memes that range from the Double Rainbow Guy and Boxxy to Sad Keanu, Star Wars Kid and, of course, RickRoll. Reddit and Anonymous serve as Water Works and Power Plant, while Longcat stands in for the railroads.

Sadly there are no customized Chance or Community Chest cards, but they do carry special spaces. “Community Chest” is “Milhouse is Not a Meme,” while “Chance” is “Doubles Guy” aka “Christian Bale from American Psycho right before he puts an ax through Paul Allen’s head.”

Be sure to take a peek at the full board, which includes a downloadable, playable board.

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