What Are the Benefits of Using a Cloud Phone System For Your Business?


If you have multiple offices, departments, satellite offices, warehouses and factories then you need a reliable communications system that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. The basic package needed by a growing business is a phone system, internet broadband and an on-the-go mobile plan.

This means that you need a multi-site communications plan that includes data, voice and video connections, superior customer support, is low maintenance and cost effective.

This is where the new cloud technology comes in and it can make a huge difference to your monthly bills. When you move your phone and internet communications to the cloud, you massively reduce your costs on hardware (no more back room servers) and you also reduce your costs on software licences, updates and on-site IT maintenance as well.

What are the features of a cloud based phone and internet system?

Overall, the main reasons to change to a cloud based communications system is that it is simpler, cheaper and easier. There are multiple benefits of using a cloud phone, some of which are discussed below.

Handsets: When you sign up for a cloud based phone system, this automatically includes the latest cloud handset technology. Everything from cordless office phones to colour touch screen units with multiple lines are available.

Calls: With a cloud based system, you really notice how much cheaper the calls are, which will be reflected in your monthly bill. For example, you have free on-net calls and unbeatable call rates on mobiles, standard and international calls.

Standard features: Every cloud based phone system has a number of standard features, all of which are essential to running a growing business. For example, voicemail to email, automatic diversions to mobile phones, three way calling, on-hold and transfers, conference calls, call queueing and call forwarding are all included in a cloud based phone system.

Premium features: Some providers will also include more premium features in their packages, such as shared call appearance, call recording, selective call forwarding, simultaneous ringing, user presence and automatic hold/call.

One bill: When you jump to the cloud you receive just one bill for your internet, phone and mobile. This makes a huge difference to streamlining your billing process and keeping an eye on your overheads.

Customer support: With a cloud based system you have access to customer support 24/7 in Australia, so if you have a problem there is always someone on the end of the line who can give you immediate help.

Scalable: It is so much easier to expand your business when your communications are based on the cloud, because you can easily add on more lines, offices and locations to the system. So if you are employing more staff or opening a new office, adding these into the system is fast and efficient with no downtime when you are on the cloud.

How does the cloud based system work?

All you need are the right handsets and a router and you are good to go. You receive a monthly bill and you can scale your service up or down as your business needs change. The benefits of using a cloud phone and internet system are increasing all the time and eventually it will become the only way to do business.


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