Wenger Speaks On Ramsey’s Move To Juventus


Former Arsenal’s boss Arsene Wenger says Arsenal will definitely miss 28 year old Welsh midfielder Aaron Ramsey who has agreed to join Juventus this summer. Aaron Ramsey who spent over 10 years at Arsenal helped Arsenal win three FA cup titles. He joined the Gunners from Welsh club side Cardiff.

The 28 year old midfielder reportedly preferred to stay at Arsenal but the club according to various reports in the last minute pulled off a contract offer that would have see him remain at Arsenal into his 30s. New Arsenal manager Unai Emery has frozen Ramsey out of the first team so far this season and that has seen the Gunners suffer some defeats.

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Many feel the way Arsenal have handled the Ramsey situation is partly responsible for how the Gunners’ season is spanning out so far. Few days ago it was reported Ramsey has signed a pre-contract with Juventus and will be going to the Italian Champions as a free agent next summer. Which bad news for Arsenal and their former manager has been speaking on the situation.

During an interview with Laureus Sport former boss Arsene Wenger, said that letting Aaron Ramsey go will be a great loss for Arsenal. The move according to the Frenchman is a great move for Ramsey but certainly not for Arsenal who will surely miss the services of the prolific midfielder.

According to Wenger, what stands Ramsey out among all the midfielders in the Premier league currently is his ( Ramsey’s ) ability to keep the ball in the final third and make dangerous runs from midfield to a goalscoring position. According to Wenger, which I believe eventually everyone will agree with, there are not many midfielders currently in world football who have the same ability as Ramsey. Arsenal’s lose will be a great advantage for Juventus.

Talking of his future in the game, Wenger confirmed he is yet to sign for any club since he left the Emirates. According to him, he has missed management but enjoying every day off the game. He went on to add that even he doesn’t know where his future lies at the moment.

‘I miss the competition, but I am enjoying a little bit less pressure, and more freedom as well,’ he added.

‘My future is unknown. Even for me.

‘Basically my job is to work with people and get the best out of them, and I will continue to do that. In what way I don’t know.

‘To do that as well I need to first get the best out of myself. I will try to continue to do that.

‘Will I do it on the field or will I do it by sharing my knowledge with people who are in our job? I don’t know what I will do.’

It would be interesting to see where Wenger will end but I personally won’t be surprised if he decides to call it a day with the game. If he still want to be in the game or he is as in demand as many of his fans would have us believe, he would have been a job by now especially as he has not said he is going on a break.

No bias but if you ask me, Wenger is past it and he should have retired after winning the FA Cup with Arsenal about three years ago. Accepting a job as a manager/coach of any big club side will most likely lead to a disgrace for him.

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