Weight Loss Glasses Make Food Look Unappealing


Millions of fatties have been waiting for the day when that one little pill will be invented that makes you lose weight without making the effort to exercise. The fountain of weight loss pill might be still in the making, but there might be an easier way. These special Blue Shade Glasses are made to make food look bland and less appealing then it usually would.

Research shows that blue is the least appetizing color on the spectrum, which would lead us to believe that these glasses would in theory, make food look less appetizing. Well, I don’t know about you, but I can sure go for a heaping plate of blue right now. But I really should watch my BCI (blue color intake.)Andrew Dobrow

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  1. I’m at the start of a major weight loss and shape-up journey, and can see where a pair of these glasses might be helpful! I bet I’d find “blue” pizza lots less appetizing! Thanks for the post.

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