WeBoost Connect 4G-X (471104) Review

Increase smartphone life

Cell boosters have become an essential gadget for smartphone users, similar to earphones or waterproof cases. Referred to by some simply as signal boosters, these devices can give a weak cell signal a boost so that the user can make phone calls or access data without interruptions. WeBoost Connect 4G-X is one of the latest promising signal boosters for 4G LTE phones.


Despite the 4G in its name, the WeBoost works with the regular 2G or 3G signals as well. The booster works with all major U.S. and Canadian cell carriers. The booster retails at around $900, so it’s pricey. However, with coverage up to 8,000 square feet, the price is well justified.

Design-wise, the WeBoost is an upgraded version of the Wilson Electronics AG Pro Quint 461104. According to the manufacturer, it has actually replaced the older discontinued model. The booster is designed for both home and office use. One feature that really stands out with WeBoost is the device’s ability to handle multiple calls simultaneously without a noticeable drop in performance.

The WeBoost comes in a kit, but the installation is quite simple even for an amateur. The user manual offers helpful information on how to assemble the parts, together with detailed pictures. Users only need to tackle connecting two antennas into the amplifier. This can be done without the need for any tools.


The defining design aspect of the WeBoost is the outdoor yagi antennae. It’s the part of the gadget that actually boosts the signal. The yagi antennae should be installed outside a building or a room. It picks up cellular signals and transfers them to the amplifier via a coaxial cable, which then sends a boosted signal to the indoor antennae for broadcasting in the designated area.

Because the WeBoost covers an area as massive as 8,000 ft, the gadget is perfect for professional or personal use in just about any type of building. Thick walls and metal construction won’t bar signals thanks to the yagi antennae. Users can rely on a strong signal.

The WeBoost works with all types of modern communication devices like smartphones. It can be used with data transmission devices as well. The booster can increase the battery life of smartphones or other devices as well. According to the manufacturer, WeBoost can increase the battery life of a device by at least 30 percent. In practice though, this would really depend on the device and usage. Users, however, can rely on a reduced number of dropped calls as a result of using this booster.

Is it Worth It?

If you can afford the price, WeBoost is an excellent signal booster to have around the house. It’s packed with features and is well-designed. The gadget even sports a stylish design to go with most modern décor. In addition to impressive signal boosting capabilities, the gadget has additional features like protection against power surges that really make it worth the price tag.

If you live in an area where the signal is only occasionally weak, then WeBoost might seem like over kill. However, businesses and personal users who need to ensure strong cell signals at all times will certainly benefit from this signal booster.

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