Wearable AirMouse Fits Like A Glove

All of the excessive repetitive motions our poor hands and wrists have to go through in the name of self-arousal mouse navigation, it’s a crying shame. I don’t want to be middle-aged, not able to move my damn fingers just because I happen to be addicted to flogging my unicorn my computer.

The AirMouse saves your hand some stress, reducing the excessive repetitive motions linked with stress injuries, fitting the mouse directly on your hand, literally fitting like a glove. Utilizing an optical laser for on-screen control, the AirMouse only needs to be charged about once a week. The mouse itself aligns with the ligaments in your hands and fingers to offer accurate point-and-click control. When you type the mouse automatically idles, waiting for your hand to return to a neutral position. I just like the way the thing looks. Forget the mousing, I’ll wear this out as part of my party outfit. That’s right, I’ve got one of those.

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