Walk-in Wine Vault: How secure is your wine cellar?


We know that some of you readers are bound to have a fine knowledge of wines, which leads to having collections worth thousands and thousand of dollars. Do you ever worry one od your guests will sneak down there on a drunken rampage and start stealing and breaking your finest bottles? Well if you have the money to throw away on fermented grape juice, than odds are you have the money to properly secure your collection with this Monogram Walk-in Wine Vault.

Combining advanced cooling technology, an electronic inventory system (like the eSommelier Wine Invetory system), insulation, racking, and lighting, the Walk-In Fault is the stand alone unit you need if you have the means. Different storage configurations are available depending on the buyer’s needs. It will cost you so much though, that there is no price listed. If you’re interested, just ask your local retailer. — Andrew Dobrow

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