VoomPC-2 brings a fully functional PC into your dashboard


What’s not to love about super small form factor computers? The VoomPC-2 delivers the price that many other small form factor PCs havn’t been able to do yet. Unfortunately, it has to skimp on the features to do so. Luckly, they aren’t trying to sell this product for home media center usage. Their target market is the mid/high end car user who wants more tech up in the dash. Besides using up less power than a parking light, the VoomPC-2 has a complete power management system that protects it from power surges. If you already have that great sound system in you car with that sweet looking amp in your trunk, why not give it a companion that looks like an amp but does so much more? Prices start at $395 for barebone with few components and touch screens are sold separately for around $400. — Nik Gomez

VoomPC-2 [via Gadgetell]

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