Video Review: Netflix PS3 Instant Streaming Disc

Today is the day, baby. Most of you who reserved a PS3 Instant Stream disc will be receiving yours today. I happened to be one of the lucky ones who got their hands on a disc a littler earlier in the day so I’ve taken the liberty of reviewing the disc for those of you who were still on the fence about going through the trouble of reserving your own copy.

The whole process is pretty seamless. The first time you pop in the disc you’re required to go through a very simple activation process, but after that you’re home free. The cover flow UI is easy to navigate after you get used to the slightly clumsy square-button led navigation. The quality is MUCH better than I expected, almost reaching DVD quality and definitely out pacing both my PC and my Mac.

Enough of my pandering. Check out the video and see for yourself!

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  1. Got my disk today. So far so good. HD quality is very good, ff/rew work. Much better experience than playon (sorry guys).

    The disk thing is going to get annoying but I suspect this BD-Live disk is designed to work on all bd-live devices which is in Netflix interest. I suspect that this paves the way for easy litigation free xmb development so long as MS don’t find a way to sue netflix for enabling this disk to work.

    So far very very good.

  2. Keep in mind that with a SD and a SD video the video will look very good. But if your TV is HD and your sending a SD signal not so good.

    I watched a few movies with PS3 Netflix on my 26 inch HDTV and the video is good but not great. DVD is a lot better.

    Sometimes I do wish I still had a SD TV.

    Netflix Stream is as good as Direct TV.

  3. I actually just upgraded to an HDTV after this video was made, Jay, so I totally understand what you mean. The HD streaming movies still look pretty damn good but the SD flicks are worse on an HDTV than on the SDTV.

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