Victor/JVC UX-DM8 iPod stereo dresses to impress

victor jvc ux-dm8

This is a very nice looking stereo, something that has become commonplace with iPod docks. Yes, this is an iPod dock, what is new? This particular stereo is called the Victor/JVC UX-DM8 (companies still having a hard time with the naming process) and it is set to be released in February. So what sets this iPod station apart from the competition? The fact that it has 1GB of internal flash storage mean   something. It also has a USB connection to hook up to your PC and truly communicate with your PC, not just charge it. The speakers look as if their covers come off, revealing some very nice looking monitors. The units will come in three colors: black, white, and grey. They are a standard size for a small stereo (140x251x234.5mm), meaning they won’t require you to buy a new cabinet to hold all the hardware. One other nice feature is the remote. Most other remotes are very small and limited. This remote looks as if you could control every function from the remote, something that is very useful if you do quite a bit of sound tweaking.

victor jvc ux-dm8

victor jvc ux-dm8

Nik Gomez

The new Victor audio stereo system loves the iPod [Akihabara News]

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