Victims of Hurricane Irene Reflect on Life Without Internet

You really haven’t experienced boredom until you’re suddenly cut off from the internet.

At least, that’s the main´┐Żconsensus´┐Żamong people who have had their internet service interrupted due to the outages caused by hurricane Irene.

While some people are focusing on rebuilding and filing insurance claims for destroyed property, thousands of people only felt the effects of the hurricane when they lost power. And, for many of them, this also meant that they lost internet service. I wouldn’t be surprised to see “I don’t have internet” complaints tagged on Twitter with the hashtag #firstworldproblems.

Here’s a quote from one internet-less “victim”:

My Facebook friends no longer poke
I cannot tweet a single joke
My iTunes offer not a sound
Now the Internet is down”

The fact that people are having trouble adjusting to a temporary internet outage is certainly a sign that our society has become extremely dependent on online connectivity.


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