Verizon LG-VX9400 released at CES

lg vx9400

With a new cellphone being released by LG almost every week in Korea it seems, everyone wonders when LG will come out with the next amazing phone. Well here it is folks: the LG-VX9400. This bad boy will have all of the basics, such as 1.3 megapixel camera, mp3 capability, and Bluetooth. Since this is going to be a Verizon only phone for the meantime, it will be an EV-DO phone, which is great for all of your media needs, and it will have MediaFLO. Now the features on this are pretty average, but the design on this is quite cool. At first glance you would think that the LG-VX9400 didn�t have a keypad. However, once you slide the screen into the horizontal position, like all of the pictures, then you would jump with joy. It looks like you are carrying around a little TV, and the way the body of the camera is positioned to the screen makes it very easy to carry. The LG-VX9400 is pretty average on features, but way advanced for its design. — Nick Rice

LG-VX9400 for Verizon is now at the CES [Akihabara News]

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