Venturi Eclectic: The world’s first energy self-sufficient car

venturi eclectic

Venturi has announced its concept car, for now named Eclectic. A fully self-sufficient and autonomous energy vehicle that gets fuel from only natural occuring processes. The solar, wind, and electric powered Eclectic is being designed to make hybrid cars look like a truck with a broken exhaust pipe in comparison. With its 2.5 meters of photovoltaic cells, at least one wind turbine, and NiMH batteries, the Eclectic is designed for urban driving, without the killer smog. And if just doing good for the Earth wasn’t enough, it will also give buyers the option of WiFi kits and a water resistant Sony Radio/CD/MP3 player. The design looks something like the love child of a golf cart and a Hummer, which is more attractive then it sounds. A limited edition of 200 Eclectics will be available in early June of this year, with a gradually increasing availability by 2009. More pics with different angles after the jump.

venturi eclectic

venturi eclectic

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Venturi  Eclectic [via Inhabitant]

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  1. good idea but That has got to be the ugliest car I have ever seen in my life.

  2. i think it looks lke poop

  3. I would get it.

  4. now we are talking, who cares how it looks as long as it can do the job . i would definately buy one as long as it is resonably priced

  5. hello i have some ideas about an energy self sufficient power auto if you guys interested e mail

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