Vegas Launches Microsoft Surface Tables

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Microsoft Surface, it’s an iPhone-like touch interface for tables. You can play games, read menus and order food and beverages by interacting with a table. It’s been in prototype mode for awhile now but finally, Microsoft has launched Surface-enabled tables in Las Vegas.

Harrah’s is offering the sleek new tables at the Rio Hotel & Casino. Custom applications were built specifically for Harrah’s, allowing patrons to check out new concerts, order booze, watch YouTube videos, play games and even flirt. Yes, you can now flirt at the bar without making eye contact. Each table cost about $10,000 and has definitely upped the ante for Harrah’s competitors.


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  1. Too awesome! I am beside myself with glee.

  2. I agree! Too cool! Its the future!

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