USB heated mouse saves your hand from frostbite

usb warmer mouse

As we find ourselves constantly further into winter everyday, here is a peripheral that might help you save yourself from frostbite. This is a USB heated mouse. Not only will the power from the USB go to powering this mouse, it will also be used to heat up your poor, freezing hand.

You might not want to trash that USB heater you just bought, but you can focus it on your feet or face instead of your hands now. Who knew that USB technology would be put to such different uses?

1 – Weight: 97g,
2 – Ergonomic design,
3 – Comfortable shape,
4 – Cable length: 140cm
5 – Scroll without scrollbars
6 – Dimensions: 121mm x 65mm
7 – Electric current: 400MA+/-20MA
8 – Supports Windows NT/2000/Me/XP
9 – Plug-and-play no driver required
10 – On/off switch for warming function
11 – Device temperature remains about 45C
12 – Quickly reaches stable temperature (at 45+/-1C) for warming your hand
13 – Hand warmer + optical mouse combo with high resolution to 800dpi
14 – Made of safety material to avoiding damaging mouse component
15 – Perfect for use in winter and/or cold working place

Nik Gomez

USB Warmer Mice [via Shiny Shiny]

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