Should I Upgrade To Unlimited Broadband?

Broadband is basically a wide bandwidth that allows multiple traffics and signals through a communication medium. It is the fundamental internet access element that allows people to interact in the cyber world and computer equipment to view information on the web. Without broadband, the internet would have a lesser, if no meaning at all.

Having unlimited broadband means there is no restriction on internet use. It also results in faster access speeds than conventional internet use. Upgrading to unlimited broadband may seem an appealing idea although some underlying factors may render it a less suitable option. Unlimited broadband has numerous advantages as compared to dial up internet plans. There are various packages with different capabilities in the unlimited category although the main feature that most people seek is unrestricted internet use.

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The good and bad of unlimited broadband

For most businesses and families with heavy internet consumption, unlimited broadband will be a suitable option. It enables one to access the internet without worries of how many bundles they are using or the volume of information they are uploading, downloading and sharing. Students, researchers and enterprises should upgrade to unlimited broadband since it has no limitation on access hours or time zones. iiNet is an example of service provider that offers iiNet unlimited broadband plans to various consumers. The plans start from as low as $29.95 monthly subscriptions worth of 100GB. Currently, there are at least five known unlimited broadband plans available from various providers. Here are some advantages of using these plans as opposed to normal broadband patterns.

  • Unlimited access – These plans do not have restrictions on the volume of information accessed or hours spent on the internet. One can freely use the internet without having to confirm how much data is remaining and when the connection is going to fail.
  • Fast speeds – Unlimited broadband plans usually utilize fiber optic technology, which facilitates high speeds, thus ensuring faster speeds than normal plans. With the unlimited plan, there are no issues of intermittent or lagging signals. The transmission is swift and consistent which is suitable for video downloading and live streaming.
  • Additional features – The providers of unlimited broadband plans usually throw in extra features including telephone lines, modem routers as well as multiple connections. Other services may include laptop and Smartphone web connections through Wi-Fi and cable TV which allows connections to programs aired in other countries.

There are a few factors which low volume internet consumers may find unsuitable to contract unlimited broadband packages. These include the obviously higher monthly subscription rates as well as lower security and information protection. Otherwise, unlimited broadband simply offers the best option in boundless internet access.


Anyone who knows the real benefits of seamless unrestricted access and networking will definitely fancy and upgrade to unlimited broadband. The plans ensure fast connections and extra features at affordable prices considering the improved efficiency and wide access. Connections are also consistent and stable which reduces instances of redirection and unfinished page loads. Providers such as iiNet offer several packages along their iiNet unlimited broadband range to increase affordability for different classes of users.

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