Ultra-light Jensen SportFones headphones

jensen sportfones

Lugging an iPod or other wired device to a gym or on a hike can be a disastrous situation. It seems that your focus lies more on keeping the headphones plugged into the device then on your exercise, which can lead to exhaustion and even injury. The Jensen SportFone’s have a built in 512MB MP3 player. A perfect amount of room to put a mix of your favorite workout tunes. The ear pads are specially made to be sweat repellent and are easily washable to insure that new ear pad smell. It’s design and use were good enough for it to win a prize for innovation at CES, so you figure it’s gotta work pretty smoothly. And with a featherweight of 2.2 ounces, you’ll barely know they’re there. — Andrew Dobrow

Jensen SportFones [via Popgadget]

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  1. Betty Gillespie

    I love my sportfones. I run alot and am so tired of getting my hand tangled in wires! These are wonderful, I honestly forget they are up there when I am running, other than the music! They are clear sounding, light weight and once you remember your finger placement, which button does what, they are easy to navigate. I highly recommend them to any one that doesn’t need to have a zillion songs on the device at once.

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