Twelve Sided Rubik’s Cube Puzzle


I’m not sure which would be more impressive to solve, the 1,212 piece Petaminx puzzle we saw a few months back or this awesome twelved-sided Rubik’s Cube puzzle. The Petaminx definitly seems more challenging, though this Brando toy is slightly sexier and might be your last chance to impress that geeky puzzle girl you’ve been trying to get in the sack.

The Petaminx always seemed a little clumsy to me. This puzzle seems to just, I don’t know, make more sense. If a puzzle could have grace and beauty, this one has it.

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  1. That seems a little bit disturbing…

  2. Man, that must suck if you’re colorblind…

  3. It would suck even more if you were completely blind.

  4. smarterthanyoudimwad


    i can solve one of those.

    no joke,

    first off, its not called a petaminx..

    its a gigaminx. and it’s not a 12 sided rubix cube, its a dododecahedron.

    and, those are perfectly easy.

    go to youtube, and type in gigaminx solve, and yes, if a guy (im a girl) could do that, i would be highly impressed because i havn’t even met a guy who could do a rubix cube.

  5. SmaterThanSmarterThanYou

    I’ve never even heard of a “rubix” cube, so I guess I’ve never met someone who could solve it. I believe you meant Rubik’s Cube, named after someone. The apostrophe helps.

  6. There is only one girl among the 10+ people whom I know can solve a basic Rubik’s cube. I can solve a cube with any number of layers, even or odd (there is a huge fundamental difference between the two). I got the basic dodecahedron for Christmas this year and solved it in a week without consulting anyone or anything. I have little doubt I could solve a Gigaminx or Petaminx using the same algorithms.

    I’m not bragging, I just think “smarterthanyoudimwad” should know that men are statistically better problem-solvers, better object-oriented thinkers, and more left-brained in general (emphasis on “in general”). You don’t know any guys who can do it? Have you checked with every single one of them? Are you sure your group of male friends is a good demographic representation of today’s male society? One of those answers will be no I think.

    Also, this is a perfect example of why “reading” is superior to “skimming”. Had you “read” the article, you would know that the author’s use of the word “Petaminx” was in reference to another puzzle, to which he gave a link. Read. Don’t skim.

    To the author: the Petaminx is essentially the same exact puzzle as this Gigaminx, except it has more layers and (specifically the one you linked to) is more curvy and probably more fragile. It takes a good deal more time to solve, but employs all the same techniques.

  7. smarterthanyoudimwad


    Just because men have more left-braindedness (lol thats not a word) women are good problem solvers. And I still have never met a guy who can solve a rubix cube. (with the exeption of Jeff verasano (dont know how to spell his last name), I met him since then).


    and yes, megaminxes are very easy. I got one the day I was sick, solved it in under 30 minutes. And I do agree, even layer cubes are different than odd layer cubes. I can solve all of the 2×2 – 7×7 and yes. I hate even layers. And BTW on gigaminx solves, yes megaminx:rubixcube = gigaminx: high orders.

    it just takes a long time.

  8. i solved it both 3x3x3 & 4x4x4!!!!!

  9. my boyfriend can do all different types of cubes. i got him this one and has almost figured it out

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