TV Hat Really Isn’t Worth The Public Embarrassment

I’m a huge fan of any type of huge contraption you wear on your head. There’s just something about the ridiculousness of this sort of design. The fact that some designer actually sat down and thought that people would actually wear this thing in public is simply astounding. With that being said, I have no shame and no reputation to uphold, so yeah, I’d probably rock it.

The TV Hat apparently offers to supply your with your very own private theater where ever you go, but really, I think the people around you will be getting a better show anyway.

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  1. That’s what the guy was wearing in the Metallica’s One video…

  2. I use this hat on the airplane, in the airport, all over and no one laughs or says anything, except “What fun, where can I get one.” Yes, I’m the stupid designer, that came up with it, and TV Hat serves its purpose well. Am I embarrassed to be seen in it? No, and frankly I have been quite disappointed that this is an issue brought up by people who never even wear it. I have been surprised that in a nation that extols the brave warrior, only a few people are courageous enough to wear a hat. If anyone out there is brave enough to wear one in public and takes their picture doing so I will send them one free.

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