Tunebelt: the perfect running companion

tunebelt open view armband

This past holiday season many of us made New Year’s resolutions and received new gadgets, like cellphones and mp3 players. So we all decide to go running, but there is a major dilemma in our path: how do we carry our new gadgets while we’re running? Well some guys must have had this problem last year because this year they have offered a solution: the Tunebelt. The Tunebelt is a neoprene armband that allows you to carry your newest gadgets in something other than your pocket. It is said to be big enough to hold a smart phone, which means it has plenty of space for those tiny phones like the Razr. Lucky for you (and anyone around you), the Tunebelt is washable, so if you do actually go running you can wash off all that sweat. The Tunebelt only costs $20, which is worth it if you love to run with gadgets. The only question now is: are you carrying your high-tech smartphone for “work” or to show off to all the suckers who go by you? — Nick Rice

Tunebelt  Open View Armband [via CoolSmartPhone]

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