Tree-inspired concept fridge: More a lemon than an apple

tree house fridge

This thing is ugly. And by ugly, we mean that we would never let our kids eat something that came out of something that looks like a bad prop from a Ed Wood movie. But then again, almost every creation spewed by Yanko is a huge, useless piece of ugly. The designs they com up with are so deeply nestled in niches that no more then 100 people can be truly impressed by each one of their products. I don’t know how this thing is supposed to make my fruit properly chilled and I don’t care to know, but what I am concerned about is the blurriness of the child in the picture. Has he been permanently blurred beyond recognition after standing in the shadow of this atrocity? Ok…we’re sorry…we’re overreacting. Ahh, nevermind. This thing makes Rosie O’Donnell look like Cleopatra.

tree house fridge

Andrew Dobrow

Tree House Fridge  [via]

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