Treadmill on Wheels Works Your Cardio While Moving About in Nature

Sure, you could argue that you might as well just use a traditional bicycle or maybe even walk for a change, but some people require variety in their life. The Treadmill Bicycle takes the treadmill out from the confines of your home and allows you to power walk your way through nature, without all of that troublesome pedaling.

Sort of like a hybrid between a bike, a scooter and your run-of-the-mill home treadmill, the Treadmill Bike gets you out into the great outdoors, while still being able to enjoy that treadmill feel. Your walking speed powers the wheels, providing a singular, unique experience. Oh, and not too mention, it’s a real conversation starter.

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  1. Perhaps I’m being dense, but why jog on a treadmill with wheels when you could… well, go for a jog?

  2. Perhaps I�m being dense, but why have a bike with a treadmill when it could just have pedals like� er, a bike?

  3. Because it’s awesome!

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