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Skip the necessity of putting files on your computer before transferring them to another device with the Rapid Transit USB Transfer Device, which allows you to transfer files directly between two USB devices. With this, you can transfer music, pictures, videos, and playlists between two iPod or other MP3 players (except the Zune, which can do it wirelessly). Just connect the USB cables into the Rapid Transit and you can view and choose the files you want to transfer with the LCD screen on the Rapid Transit. The transfer time between the devices is awesome; 5 seconds for a song and 12 minutes for a full length video (2 hours). What�s cool about the Rapid Transit is that the 2 devices don�t necessarily have to be MP3 players; you can transfer pictures between cameras, files off external hard drives, or even between a camera and a Zune or something like it. This means that if you are on vacation and want to put some of your pictures on their iPods (everyone has iPods now right?), you can whip out the Rapid Transit and give them some cool pictures. Another cool thing about this is that as it transfers songs, it charges your devices with rechargeable batteries. For $130, the Rapid Transit USB Transfer Device is a nice device if you are doing extensive traveling and you want to save your pictures on your iPod; otherwise, it�s not that big of a hassle to transfer files on your comp. Maybe you could plug in both devices at the same time; oh what a concept. — Nick Rice

Rapid Transit USB Transfer Device [via OhGizmo!]

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  1. 5 seconds for a song sounds like USB 1.1 speeds to me…. about 900kbyte/s (for a 4.4mbyte song)

    However 12 secs for a 2-hour video is pretty good, though *how* good depends on the compression. If that’s 512mb (fairly tight), it works out to a massive 43mbyte/sec.
    (not 12 *minutes*, for a 700mb one, then?)

  2. doh, didn’t read right there did i….

    ~700mb video (2 hour movie divx compressed to 1x CDR size) in 12 minutes = 996kbyte/sec = USB 1.1

    mind you i just spotted this was dec ’06, so forget everything 😀
    (usb-to-go hosting was typically about that speed back then, even if the device itself worked as usb 2.0 in slave mode)

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