Transcend USB key weighs 2g, feather anyone?

jetflash t2k

Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger. That’s the title of an amazing Daft Punk song, but they should have included lighter in there. That’s the way trends are leaning right now. If your device weighs any more than your competitor’s, just forget about it.

Transcend doesn’t have to worry about this right now. Their new line of JetFlash T2K USB keys only weigh 2 grams! Don’t go rushing to think that they only come in 32 and 64MB capacities; try something more like 1/2/4GB!   If you happen to wind up purchasing one of these tiny devices, make sure not to drop it into any couch or car seat cracks. No doubt that you will never see it again.   –Nik Gomez

The USB Jetflash T2K key with 4GB weighing only 2g [via Akihabaranews]

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