Train your Brain by Playing Video Games

Have you been taunted for playing video games? 

Haven’t you ever been told to stop playing video games, because they’re not fit and apt? 

How many times have you been told that your attitude is becoming more aggressive due to these games?

Video game

Video games have always been repulsed around by parents, claiming it as addictive and unsociable. Many critics argue that video games result in deterioration of mental and physical health and spontaneously violent behavior.

Well, does the reality confirm these allegations?

Video games have always been represented as ‘evil,’ ‘bad,’ and ‘inappropriate.’ 

Now, I’m not saying that these concerns, or fears, are wholly unfounded – if you spend 16 hours a day, seven days a week, playing video games, you’re likely to suffer physically and mentally. 

There is no denying that we need sunlight, good food, and exercise to keep our mind and body healthy. 

However, there are many benefits to playing video games that often get overlooked.

What does the research say?

For conclusive evidence, researchers have been conducting experiments to see how video gaming as an activity affects our brain. 

And you’ll be thrilled to know that most of the results are in our favor! 

Video games boost cognitive ability, which allows us to perform better-coordinated actions and improves our response rate to the stimuli. 

As we develop strategies to win the game, our brain produces more neurons to empower the critical thinking process and enhances problem-solving ability. What could be a better way to get creative?

Researchers put together numerous test groups that were made up of non-gamers. 

These non-gamers were split into two groups, with one group tasked with playing video games for a set number of hours per day for a set number of days. 

The two groups were then given tasks that tested their cognitive and perceptual abilities. The findings showed that groups that had been playing video games consistently outperformed the non-gaming groups.

What are the benefits of playing video games?

  1. Increases spatial attention (It allows you to easily keep track of specific moving objects among similar moving objects). 
  2. Improves Multitasking 
  3. Ability to shift focus from one task to completely different one without making mistakes
  4. Increases focus 
  5. Improves visual attention of a dyslexic 
  6. Can treat lazy eye and amblyopia
  7. Prevents faster aging
  8. Increases self-esteem and boosts well-being.
  9. Improved cognitive ability
  10. Fosters quick responses 

Balance is the key

Not all video games have all the gaming mechanics required to improve each area of cognitive ability, meaning players need to play a range of different video games to reap the full benefits of gaming.

Also, as long as you balance video gaming with the right amount of exercise and out-door time (stick to a strict time limit and budget), you’ll find that your gaming habits are doing you some good.

Next time, your parents or your aunt snaps at you for playing these games, explain to them the numerous advantages it has on memory, concentration, decision-making, and perception!

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