ToysRUs to stock thousands of PS3s and Wiis

toys r usToysRUs issued a press-release that will bring 12-30 year olds running back in the masses. The Toy superstore is said to receive large amounts of new inventory this week, right in time for Christmas. The 3 products that are attracting the most attention on this inventory list include the PS3, the Wii, and TMX Elmo. The numbers of toys distributed to the 587 ToysRUs in the US are as follows: 6000+ PS3 units, Thousands of Wii Units, and for those of you who really want to know, 65000+ TMX Elmos (wow that is a lot of tickling). Now is your chance for all of you guys who havent been to ToysRUs in 10 years (or 2 weeks for some of you) to run in screaming like a 10-year-old ADD kid who just cant wait to get that new video game. — Nick Rice

Toys”R”Us Says it has Thousands of Wii, PS3 [I4U News]

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  1. but dont forget about the 18 year olds with ADD like me.

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