Touchscreen, A2DP phonewatch gets reviewed


A phonewatch certainly sounds cool, but just how practical is that? Sticking your head to the wrist to listen and shouting like a dork to reply? That just doesn’t work. Oh, and how can you live without a keypad, dial with the buttons on the side?

The C1000 a-la-China is probably the first device that seems to have solved all the problems. First it’s touch-screen based, meaning that you can tap on the 176×220 screen for a keyboard, or make use of the handwriting recognition (works best for Chinese, of course) with the hidden toothpick-sized stylus. Secondly, you can look cool with your bluetooth headset, or stereo headphones for your music. Come on, who wants a line to connect the head and the wrist?

The little watch runs on GSM dualband, has 60MB internal memory for MP3 music and MP4 fullscreen movies. You can use Bluetooth or USB to transfer files in between. We think it looks good, more pics after the jump.



The C1000 is currently available in Taiwan and mainland China, we have no news on price yet. Our guess is that it should be below $300.

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