Total War-Warhammer Brings Heroes and Monsters to Battle


Coming for the developers “The Creative Assembly”, the Total War- Warhammer is a real time and turn based game specially designed for the war fantasizing people. Latest edition of the Total war series brings your favourite Heroes, just like Heroes Charge for PC and deadly monsters together in the same battlefield, which is totally different from its previous releases. However in Heroes Charge Game there are no skeletons.

Gaming Structure- The whole idea of Total War-Warhammer revolves around four sections which have some unique features to attract the players. The names of these sections, which flash at the screen when you start the game are – The Empire, The Greenskins, The Dwarf and the Vampire Counts. Each of these sections is coupled with your favorite super heroes who fight with the monsters. Each of these sections has different graphic features and different battlefields. Your favorite super heroes get different war zones with specially designed weapons in each of these factions.  The skeleton monsters are also of 30 different types. This is similar to the Heroes Charge Game where we have 50 different war heroes.

Heroes Charge Game is a super hero game and so is this one. The Greenskins faction comprises poisonous colossal spiders. The empire faction mainly consists of the human forces which give you the feel of real battles, fighting the giant monsters with tanks. Each battlefield gives you the most refreshing experience. The most prominent feature of this game is the fierce powers of the soldiers playing for you. The way Waagh Boys charge into the enemies charges you up with ferocious vigor. Other campaign elements are also unique to each of the factions.


The gigantic monsters, flying creatures, legendary heroes and storms of magical powers find their own place in the combat zone flanking thousands of warriors. In this turn based campaign game of statecraft and empire building, you will find the old world remorseless and deceitful place filled with endless war and sneakiness alliances to put you down in the theatre of war. Whichever game you choose to play with, you will have to maintain the balance between the momentum of the game and at the same time keeping in the mind achieving of targets. In Heroes Charge Game soldiers attack enemies with deadly weapons. In the same way large in this game Trolls do area attack, dive on the empire’s army having swords and even vomit on them. Giants single out halberdiers and nibble on them ponderingly, and the mammoth Arachnarok Spiders, topped by a small contingent of Goblin Archers, ramble across the front line.

Your favorite heroes appear like war agents which are ideally like Heroes Charge Game. In Heroes Charge Game you attach them with the fiercest army to get the most out of them. You have to be very cautious while in the battle as if you get injured, you might not get up again and end up losing the game forever. Every character in the battle is unique and has a chain of quests to follow. Each quest you conquer will give you new items, which get unlocked automatically. Though the empires have more traditional cannons, steam tanks and rockets that swathe the enemy but struggle against the onslaught. A lot of work has been done to make the best animation features, claim developers.

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