Top things to look at when buying a TV

While on one hand, the world of television is looking even more glorious with each passing day, on the other, it is also getting a lot more fuzzy for prospective buyers to narrow down on one choice due to the ever-emerging innovations in LED TVs, Smart TVs, 4K, HDR, 3D TVs etc. There are a wide range of televisions available today for a buyer starting from bargain sets to high-end displays, and it is important that one is aware of some key facets before buying a new TV.

Smart tv

Here are a few key areas that you must inspect with time and attention before buying a new TV from amongst the best televisions available in the market today.

  1. Screen Size – The biggest factor that would decide the model you buy would probably be the screen size. You should pick the largest screen size that will fit amply into the space of your living room and also suit your budget. Taking into account price, performance and typical living room dimensions, the ideal screen size these days range between 55 and 65 inches.
  2. Screen Resolution – TV brands these days are rapidly shifting to Ultra HD sets (also called 4K). These 4K models have four times the number of pixels as current HDTV screens which results in that small objects on the screen have more detail, including sharper text.
  3.  8K resolutions – For the moment, it is better to stick to 4K.
  4. Refresh rate – Refresh rate is extremely important, especially if you are a gamer looking to play high-resolution games without lag. Never buy a TV with less than a 120 Hz refresh rate.
  5. Connections – Look for at least four HDMI ports; Customers looking to buy 4K TV models should ask about HDCP compatibility.
  6. Smart TVs – Almost all the TV models that are in vogue are Smart TVs, so it is no longer an important factor in making your decision.
  7. Contrast Ratio – You should remember to ignore manufacturers’ contrast-ratio specs, since they are not comparable across brands.
  8. Sound – If you are a sports fan, or a movie buff, or even looking to use your TV as a gaming device you should definitely add a sound bar to enhance sound quality and viewing experience.
  9. TV types LCD TV models have already become obsolete, and going by current trends, OLED is the way to go.
  10. Extended Warranties – Save your money and contact your credit card company to see if it has a price protection policy.
  11. Price – Bargain. Look for features at affordable prices, and go for cheaper brands like HUAWEI and TCL if you do not have a hefty budget.

Some Tips to keep in mind when buying a TV set

Here are some quick tips that you should keep in mind while buying a new TV set.

  • Don’t buy a TV with less than 4K TV resolution  if you want your TV set to serve you for a long time.
  • Go for an HDR-compatible set, which offers more vivid colours and better contrast.
  • Do not extend your budget to accommodate your demands. Learn to compare prices, and you will see that similar features are available on a cheaper set.

Buying TV sets is not an easy job, but if you keep these smart tips in mind, the hustle might just get a lot simpler. Browse through the myriad range of best televisions which include 28 inch TV, 32 inch TV, 55 inch TV 75 inch TV, 65 inch TV, 50 inch TV, 49 inch TV, 40 inch TV, 43 inch TV, and pick the one that suits you the best!

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