Top 10 Mobile Apps of 2021

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In 2020, the number of downloads on Google Play increased by 6.7%, and in the App Store – by 23%. People are increasingly choosing to use mobile applications, using  smartphones and tablets much more than snapping selfies and posting social media updates. With the right mobile app, you can transform your device into a mobile workstation, graphic design, fitness trainer, or nearly anything else designed for work or play.

With an ever-growing marketplace, modern technology and changing customer behavior, mobile apps help businesses stay relevant and competitive. So, you may be interested in a convenient software development cost calculator so that you can estimate your next killer application and get a free app quote immediately. Besides, according to the analytical service App Annie, cited by TechCrunch, app stores saw a record 218 billion downloads in 2020, and 2021 was a record year in earnings for mobile app stores. 

If you are looking for exciting apps for Android or iOS, make your life easier with this updated list of the top 10 mobile apps.


Craft can hardly be called a note-taking app, in it you can create simple documents, add your own photos and stock from Unsplash, embed sketches, code, formulas, scans of documents, files.

The application allows you to create modular documents where all information is linked through cross-references, nested pages, and seamless merging of notes. It is well suited for organizing simple notes as well as large studies, as well as workflows. Besides, it is easy to save information in it and search for it thanks to the universal search for sections and notes.


Widgetsmith is a custom widget app which allows users to create their own “skins” for the iOS system. The app allows you not only to create a variety of widgets from calendars and to-do lists to photos and health data, but also to schedule the contents of the widgets throughout the day.


It is a personalized watch face maker app created by Widgetsmith. It is as versatile as possible, and with its help you can create almost any design and function of a watch for yourself, the newspaper notes.


Loona calls itself “the first app that allows you to quickly tune in emotionally for a healthy sleep after a long and stressful day.” In the application, you can select your favorite “landscape for sleep” and paint it while listening to the corresponding story at this time. Unlike other sleep and meditation apps in which users have to try to sleep with their eyes closed, Loona helps people relax while they are still on their phones.


Calm can be used for instant relaxation: the main screen of the program greets the user with a screensaver with mountains, a burning fire or a mountain lake to choose from. All of them are complemented by the sounds of nature. The application is completely in English, so you can turn on your bedtime story, relax and learn a foreign language at the same time. The Masterclass section contains several lectures from psychologists and doctors about self-development and health.


Timery is a time tracking application that integrates with the Toggl service. Widgets can be combined on the same screen, with their help users have access to saved timers, check the status of running timers and control the total tracked time.


GoodTask is a task manager with smart lists, personalized quick actions, tags and themes. All widgets of the application are modular: you can choose which data to display on the home screen, enable the display of a mini-calendar and create a unique theme for a separate widget. GoodTask also offers a “quick action” widget that activates a chain of events in the application, for example, creating tasks with pre-filled information.

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is a new application in the series that shows the weather and has a familiar robot that is not deprived of a sense of humor and sarcasm. Carrot Weather shows all the information you need about the weather, and in the advanced forecast you can see the details: sunrise, sunset, humidity and pressure. Using swipes on the main screen, you can navigate between forecasts for the day and for the next few days.

Carrot Weather will motivate you to check the weather every day. After all, the more often you do this, the more secret locations will open. Ever wanted to know the weather in Mordor? Or Tatooine? If yes, then there is motivation to open the application as often as possible.


MusicHarbor is a service which allows you to stay up to date with new music releases from your favorite artists. It supports all the current features of iOS and iPadOS, is integrated with Spotify in addition to Apple Music, and is also ported to macOS using Apple Catalyst technology.

With MusicHarbor and its widgets for macOS and iOS, you can easily track all of your singles and artist albums, scan your library, watch new videos, read reviews and music news, and open your preferred streaming service like YouTube Music.

Things 3

The app is the coolest task manager for iOS and its peculiarity lies in adhering to the basic principles of the getting things done system. The main unit of organization of everything in the program is the task. Each task can have a ton of attributes, from the main “complete / not completed” checkbox on the left, to tags that allow you to organize everything into convenient groups. Special praise deserves the fact that in the new version of the program a nested list of subtasks can be added to the task, for example, the task “to skimp on the road” can be specified with a separate shopping list so as not to forget anything.

The most popular apps mentioned above have been efficient in accelerating business growth and offer personalized user experiences. So, creating a feature-rich app can take your business to newer heights.

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