Toaster Guitar Amp: Rock ’em til they’re burnt

toaster amp

We don’t know how the idea of turning toasters into guitar amps happened to spring to life, and we’re not sure if we want to know, but the result is one unique design for a rockers gear collection. Built on a simple foundation of a input/output jack, a 9 volt battery, and a small speaker, the Toaster Amp is a razzle-dazzle mini-amplifier fit for fans of They Might Be Giants and any band looking for that “new-wave” type of thing. For $149, you can enjoy some “warm and toasty” guitar tone while enjoying your breakfast cereal. Warning: We don’t suggest trying to use the toaster amp to toast anything other then the souls of your audience. — Andrew Dobrow

Toaster amp makes music, brings sexy back []

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