Toaster Bags For The Jared In You

Toasted bread is the way to go but sometimes I’m in the mood to toast an entire sandwich. Pork roll, egg and cheese on sliced Rick Astley bread can get a little sloppy when you try to cram it into a toaster. I’m not talking about those awkward toasters either, I mean your basic, run of the mill toaster.

That’s exactly why the toaster bags were invented, it gives you the ability to toast your sandwiches like Subway so you can be just as much of a lard-ass as Jared was before he started actually working out. It’s called the Toastabag and for just $18.95 you get two reusable bags that’ll toast anything you shove in them. Or you could try aluminum foil. I’ve done it and it (sorta) works.

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  1. Hi.
    What are these toaster bags made of? How many times can uyou reuse a toaster bag?
    Thank you.

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