TiVo offering special discount until February


I’ve always wanted TiVo, but I’ve never made the initial call to actually sign up. This holiday season TiVo is offering a special set of discounted prices, which might just make me (as I’m sure others) get on the TiVo bandwagon. Monthly prices have gone from $16.95 to $12.95, 1 year pre-payed accounts have gone from $179 to $129, 2 year pre-paye has gone from $279 to $249, and 3 year pre-payed is keeping its current price at $299.

This offer is only available to new customers, although current members will have access to a special previously defunct lifetime membership free for $399 for a limited time. That’s a whole lot of TiVo! That’s, hmm lets see, only $100 more for what could be 40 more years of access? Yeah, I’d do that one. — Andrew Dobrow

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