Timed pet food dispenser: never overfeed your friend again!


If you happened to be away for the whole day, leaving your cat at home alone, whether you leave a full dish of food or just a few pieces of snack, chances are by the time you come back they’ll all be gone, and the cat will be hungry again. So there’s always a danger of either starving or overfeeding your pet if you work long hours. Japanese petshots have started selling various different kinds of automatic feed dispensers, the Mr Rice automatic feeder (Gohankun) is one of the examples with a pretty standard design, just a salad-plate-esque dish with cover, so only part of the divided dish will show up at each time, you can set the timer for it to turn every 6/12/24 hours, so having 6 division will mean that you can leave your pet alone for 6 days max. The Mr rice automatic feed dispenser is priced at 68USD. You can have a better look at the dish division after the jump.


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Mr Rice automatic feeder [Petheart]

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