Time Warner Customer Service Rated Worst Ever

I haven’t had working Internet at my home since Sunday morning. Know why? Because Time Warner Cable is pure shit. Their service is horrible but that’s not what I’m even bitching about today. Today, I’m declaring that Time Warner Cable is worse than Comcast or any other company in existence. Why? They outsource their customer service and after 4 calls and hung-up transfers, I finally got a service technician booked.

Why do you put me through such headaches, TWC? No amount of credits in the world can help you now. After you waste money sending a technician out here to fix everything, I’m going to cancel my service right after he leaves and demand you come and pick up your shitty equipment. Unless you give me a fucking year of free service or a b*****b, you’re not getting out of this one.


Over and out.

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  1. Hi — I’m the director of digital communications for Time Warner Cable, and I’m really sorry to hear you had such a bad experience.

    We actually have an executive customer care line that’s really good. You can reach them by phone at 203-328-0600, X2. They’re open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST. Alternately, you can e-mail them at [email protected]. I’ve worked with them a lot in the past few months and found them to be very, very helpful.

    If you have any more questions, you’re welcome to e-mail me directly at [email protected]. I’ll be out of the office for the holidays but checking work e-mail intermittently.

    Thanks, and again, my apologies — Jeff Simmermon

  2. I agree 100 %!!!!! They have no idea what they are doing. Their website is the WORSE customer friendly EVER!! You get transfered around 100 times, before you get to anyone. It’s awful!!!

  3. I don’t know why I even let it bother me anymore, but I think they intentionally hire people with a secret ability to drive normal people insane. Not only do you get entirely different answers to questions depending on who you get on the phone, they kind of just shrug and say something like “I apologize, but you’ve been misinformed.” I have hauled my goods down to their service center twice now to get my boxes replaced and every time I have somehow failed to jump through the hoops of fire required to deserve the equipment they claim I need to make their substandard service work properly.

    I will be suing when they finally make me stroke out.

  4. What service? Time warner has a let’s drive them NUTS department instead of a customer service department.

  5. If u really want revenge, send me ur email and Ill let u know some stuff!!

  6. we are having service at this time as a new account . yesterday the tech was here for 7hr 10 min we still dont have all t.v. running. i have a service company this is not a good thing as a stock holder with timewarner . they came on monday at 1:10pm they were here till 8:10 pm they ran a wire up the front of my house hanging from my home. i took pic what a joke . today i had to call them to try and get them back . they can not come back till thursday . we took off work yesterday. still no t.v. in the rest of the rooms . me and my wife ran the wires today that he could not run yesterday it took us 1hr and 5min . sad day for time warner . and ME as a stock holder . WHAT IS GOING ON

  7. I disconnected my TWC service effective 4/15/09. I was on their “express pay” plan, and when I called to order the disconnect, I was told that only the prorated cost would be withdrawn from my checking account. Well, I wasn’t surprised when they withdrew the entire amount, even though I had only used the service for 10 days of that billing period. Since then I have called six or seven times (including a call to their so-called “executive” customer service line, and I still haven’t received my refund. Every time I called locally I was told a different story, and then was told that I would have to fax in my checking account statement to prove that the payment had cleared, and that was after I had received TWO statements from TWC showing that they owed me money. The guy at the executive customer service number said he would take care of it, but I still haven’t received my refund, and he didn’t call me back even though he said he would call to give me a status within two hours (that was 10 days ago).

  8. i was jerked around by timewarner allday from 10 a.m., until 5.30p.m…….during that time, i was constantly hung up on, and switched to several represenatives who didnt know a damn thing….i was sent to the office near by in tallmadge twice to straighten the matter, both times i was told what are you doing here?….i dont know why they sent you here. i was then transfered to collections, where i spoke with a rude supervisor named kim wallace…..she was very rude, and she obviously didnt know what she was talking about….even after paying the minimum amount on my bill, i still am without phone, cable and internet…. i have decided to pay the bill in full when i get the money and switch to [email protected]

  9. I’m sitting on hold with these fuckers right now for the FOURTH time in less than 24 hours and I haven’t even had service installed yet, let alone moved into the apartment! I keep getting an email that says “You must call us or _____ will occur”.

    Not to mention their incompetent customer service center filled with what can only be grade school dropouts that can barely complete a full sentence without reading it off of a TWC corporate phone guideline sheet.

    Oh and did I mention the BLARING hold music filled with Casio keyboards and wailing guitar solos that sound like someone grinding nails, teeth, a busted violin and Fran Drescher over a chalkboard? Yeah, that’s a bit of a pain in the ass too.

    Fuck this company.

  10. I have two computers and whenever (daily) I need to switch computers on the internet I have to call and have Time Warner reset the modem and whenever I have to do that it is a living hell to accomplish. Every time (and specifically the last two nights) I call in I get cut off repeatedly, tonight it was NINE TIMES and every time I call back I am getting more and more angry and then I have to go through their voice prompts and then whoever finally answers I have to tell them my name, my phone number, my address, my last four of my social and my email address, at which time I start to tell them what I need and I am very upset and then (after announcing that THEY VALUE ME AS A CUSTOMER) they proceed to lecture me on not being upset and being POLITE to them when I would be perfectly POLITE if they quit cutting me off. So tonight after nine calls and nearly losing my mind I got lectured by KEN twice about how I should be polite and no one bothers TO VALUE ME

    You call in and they cut you off repeatedly and then you lose it and then they hassle you about that instead of helping you get your computer connected.

    I was perfectly fine and sane and polite when I first called them but how many times do they think they can cut you off and then put you through the same rote information you have to give and never getting anywhere and trying to convince them YOU JUST NEED YOUR MODEM RESET but then they yammer on about other stuff and about how I’m not POLITE.

    THEY SHOULD BE FIRED, every damn one for tormenting someone who is just trying to get their service to work AT A VERY HIGH PRICE AND shouldn’t have to put up with being hassled and ridiculed when THEY KEEP CUTTING YOU OFF INSTEAD OF HELPING.




    horrible customer service and company

    this one weird pissed lady with an attitude started yelling at me when I didn’t.
    trust me. It’s horrible service. Internet gets disconnected often. I paid for the most expensive service also . Crappy

  12. It took me over a month for them to finally set up my internet and cable. They told me they would come twice, but they never showed up at all. Every time I would call, they wouldn’t even apologize and just scheduled another appointment. I finally got an appointment today, and the guy who came to set up the cable and internet was by far the rudest guy I have ever met (and I live in New York City). He was so unprofessional and I didn’t even know he worked for TW because of his street attire. He was incredibly rude and had an attitude problem and when I would ask him a question, he would completely cut me off. When I was about to write him a check for the set-up, he says, “I’ll just bill it to you later. I can tell you’re not rich at all.” Then he has the balls to come back after he leaves and says he needs to use my microwave. I seriously cannot understand why I even put up with them. So disgusted with their customer service.

  13. Time warner cable just lost another customer, All I needed was the customer code on a billing statement to get my password on line. After calling and giving them my name phone number last foour of SSN number. The asshole tells me it’s security shit and I have to come into the office and get a customer code. Time warner cables is the shittiest company (Besides sprint) that I have evry delt will. Dish network here I come.


  15. I agree with everyone else. I stumbled upon this site after googling “Time warner customer code”.. Like #13 above I just got off the phone with their supposed customer service department after attempting to get my customer code from them. I needed it to register on their website.. 1st rep verifies me, and then assures me its no problem to give it to me over the phone and that she just had to connect me with another department that handles the customer codes. At this time I was thinking the customer code was nothing more than a regional code or something. 2nd rep aka the keeper of the code, come on, verifies who I am yet again, and then proceeds to tell me that NO, I cannot have it due to FCC blah blah blah. He then tells me that he would have been able to give it to me if I had their digital phone service (which I had told the original rep was the reason I wanted to register on time warner’s site, to order it). I then requested a supervisor since i had already held for 15 mins to get the stupid code. Supervisor says the only reason they can give code out to TW digital phone customers is because they can call the customer back to verify they are speaking to the actual customer. Makes no sense. They cant call me back on my non TW phone number thats been on the account for 3 years?!? RIDICULOUS! As mad as I am, I’m trying to remember this is a blessing in disguise! I had forgotten how horrible they are, and had this not happened I would have made the mistake of upgrading my service….

  16. I have dealt with Time Warner now for about a year. I have to say this is terrible service. They screwed up the installation then refused to come out to fix it then when they would they are charging me for it. Charging the customer for their screw up!!! Now they keep screwing up the appt time for them to come out and fix it. If it wasn’t for the apartment building and the hassle to change providers I would send Time Warner Packing. Time Warner Sucks!!! SUCKS !!!!

  17. Hi! I work for TW customer service.. ha, I know most of you are already hating me however I just wanted to explain a couple of things XD
    1) we are NOT allowed to give the cust code by phone, as well as the call detail report for the international phonecall plans (i know no one mentioned the last one but I get people asking for supervisors just because I refuse to tell them where they call on such and such date.. supervisors are not allowed to do that either)- now, regarding the CC, there is a departament we can transfer custs to, who is allowed to tell you your CC. it IS for your own security, just as why we ask for acct verification (either last for of the ssn, drivers license, dob, etc).. if you think it’s annoying, think about me- not only I have to ask for the phone nr, acct holder’s name and address, and pin/ssn/dl, etc, but also i have to listen to pplcomplaining bc they don’t wanna give me their information- and it’s me again later who have to take calls from ppl reporting identity theft, or cust having their accts closed when without ever calling to disconnect then, etc. so believe me, it is very important!

    regarding the techs who go to your houses.. i wish i could do sth about that! you’ve no idea how many complaints i receive about them, just today i got a call from a cust who saw the tw van outside of her house for ten minutes, no one called or knocked, and then they went away.. of course when i open her acct and look at the order, the tech had left a note saying that he went to her house but no one was home (he described the outside perfectly).. it does happen, as it also happens that there lots of OTHER techs who go to the place and do their jobs wonderfully. AS IT ALSO HAPPENS that even if they’re reps who don’t take care of the customer as they should, there are others who do care about you, like me, and there are reps, like me, who have to deal with the mess that the other rep leaves: orders wrongly done which leads to a cust not getting the serv they were supposed to get, which leads to that cust getting angry, yelling at me.. etc.

    and believe me, most of us want to do our jobs well, just because that’s the only way for us to get paid at the end of themonth! actually, the phone survey you receive after calling tw is very important to us, so if you talked to someone who did their job and was respectful to you please answer it with an 8 or higher! it means a lot to those of us who, like i said before, actually care 🙂

    and if someone really got to the end of my post.. i’ll sent two free vod coupons, hahaha 🙂

  18. no internet at my frat house now for a month and a half. that’s 60 people, pissed off, that will never ever contract with TWC in their adult future.

  19. Had a TW Samsung HD Cable box just stop working 2 days ago. I tried calling TW Customer Care 2 times and was hung up on after the automated service called a representative (it was ringing and then I was hung up on). Got on the Live Support Chat and was given the option to take the dead unit to my local TWC or wait on a technician. I chose to go to the local TWC. No complaints, I was in and out. Hooked up new box and no digital channels. Tried calling Customer Care again, hung up on 3 more times. Live Support Chat said I needed the new box registered before it would work and that I needed to call Customer Care for this to happen. I told them of my troubles with CC and I tried again 2 more times while online with Live Chat. Still hung up on. Well, the Live Chat technician was magically able to handle this for me. Digital Cable was working within 2 hours. Next day, today, digital cable was gone again. Guess what? I tried calling CC 2 more times and was hung up on again. When to the trusty Live Support Chat and ran through this hassle of “account verification” questions from the technician. Didn’t have to do this the past two times. The technician sent some kind of signal that was supposed to get the box working and he did.

    I am extremely frustrated. I have the full TW package (phone, internet, and cable). I expect to talk to someone on the phone when I call. I was very pleased with Live Chat. Perhaps the BBB should be contacted about the CC.

  20. Murray Rothstein

    What’s a “no strings” message AND no TV reception. Clock works, power indicator is ON but reception is not!
    This appears to be a recurring situation. YES, my TV set is functional. Is this to be expected at least once a week
    for hours, with no telephone help? For shame!!

  21. Wow – I am wishing I read all of this before I decided to switch from reliable service to Time Warner. The switch from Direct Tv and Fairpoint has been anything but smooth. First of all, we built a new home 4 YEARS ago and at the time I believe it was Adelphia servicing our area – and they did a site survey and notified us it would cost over $800 to connect with cable. I could never get anyone back on the phone who could explain the situation. I have tried numerous times to call and checking the internet, but it always explains that service is not available in our area – although all of our neighbors had it. Then a few weeks ago I saw a Time Warner truck in our neighborhood, stopped and talked to them and a new site survey occurred. I was soooo excited to finally get internet service other than dial-up and the verizon wireless mifi – however the experience has not been pleasant. The first person who came to our house to do the survey, Pat, was outstanding. He explained everything to me, and has continued to be my contact person for all of this mess. I guess Time Warner contracts out their jobs, and the technician who came to our home was anything but professional. I was scheduled for a morning appointment and he showed up at 1:30 pm. He had no social skills, very impersonable. He needed to run cable underground (pull it through the pipe already installed) – and he spent time setting that up – after coming through my house to check out where the tv’s needed to be set up and the office where the internet would be set up. He spent 1 1/2 hours “trying” to pull the cable through and then informed me that he couldn’t do that by himself – so I called my husband to come home from work early to help – the tech said he would be back when my husband got home in an hour – he never showed up for three more hours. My husband missed an hour’s pay ($40) and the tech showed up at our home at 5:30 pm – and my husband was helping him when the tech realized he did not have enough cable. He then phoned some friends and left to go get cable. He came back with what he said was better cable (we now know the original cable he was going to use is only for use above ground anyway!). He and my husband were able to successfully pull the cable through to the road and by then it was 7:30 pm!!! The technician was not sure if we wanted him to finish and he explained he lived about 1 1/2+ hours away – so I told him he could either finish or come back the next day. He left without explaining that without finishing we would not have a phone!!! So no phone and a day later – he showed up at 4:30 pm the next day, the 2nd totally wasted day for me. He went around the house supposedly connecting services – and then asking if we had questions. Boy I wish I knew then what I now know. He left connecting only two of the four tv’s. He left the box in the office connecting the internet on the floor – not able to reach my desk top because of the phone cord length he used. (my desk is still in the middle of my room awaiting that fix). He hooked up the phone line so that my printer (when turned on) would just make beeping noises and the phone wouldn’t work. So went most of the weekend before we realized that was not connected properly. Now the printer/fax rings but not the phone. He left the cables in the basement hanging for all of the bedrooms – and nowhere to plug the cables in. We have cable installed in 9 places in our home – he set it up so there would be connection for only 4 of those places. We had two phone lines originally coming into our office and now they are both on the same number – not sure what he did there yet. What a mess. I am extremely unhappy – wishing I never switched. Yes the internet is obviously faster than what I had but nothing is working properly yet. Someone is supposed to come back and set up the other cable lines in the basement so that they have service – but I have yet to hear from anyone. Such a horrible experience after dealing with Direct Tv for years!!!!!!! I am considering switching everything back before I pay my disconnect fee of $175 to verizon wireless for the mifi. Maybe I should have kept everything the way it was – I had not really heard anything negative about Time Warner – most of our friends have it – but I would have to really consider if all the headaches are worth it – when and if everything is running smoothly. Time Warner – you need to get your act together – if Fairpoint had DSL available here I would have never switched and therefore probably nothing to complain about.

  22. your call is important to us all customer service representatives are busy your call will be answered in the order it was received your call is important to us all customer service representatives are busy your call will be answered in the order it was received your call is important to us all customer service representatives are busy your call will be answered in the order it was received your call is important to us
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  23. After posting my comment last week and copying my comments and emailing them to the address listed above for Jeff Simmermon – I received a call from the corporate office. They sent an “in house” Time Warner technician, not a contractor, and the service was like night and day. The TW tech (Ken) was personable, extremely pleasant and eager to resolve my problems. He was not here long before all the problems I had with the contractor’s installation were corrected – and I can move my desk back out of the middle of the room where it has been sitting for 13 days – a long wait!!!! However I am assuming that alot of the problems arise because we (the customer) have to deal with independent contractors, and if they don’t do a satisfactory job, we are at a loss as to who to blame and who to call. Time Warner should do a better job of following up on the service provided to customers and maybe they could weed out all of the contractors who are not doing their job, therefore not giving Time Warner a bad reputation. I was extremely lucky to have the cell phone number for the Time Warner employee (Pat) who did the initial site survey a few weeks before, and I had to keep calling him, but at least he knew what was going on. If not for him, I’m not sure exactly how long it would have taken customer service to resolve my situation. He was amazingly patient and extremely helpful. I am hoping that Time Warner really pays attention to the complaints and works on the customer service end of things, as well as following up on the contractors they hire to represent them. Maybe they should hire me for follow-up surveys – I was able to get attention focused to my installation – and their customers should be their number one priority.

  24. I am a single mother of 3 who decided to switch from directv after 11yrs because a friend of mine told me I could save about $75 a month. Well i ordered service 9/25/10 and cancelled service 9/25/10 after directv made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Here’s where it gets tricky…I was told because i prepaid for my TW service it would take 8 WEEKS for me to receive my refund disturbing as it was I sucked it up,on 10/4/10 my bank account was debited $60.82 and $25 causing my account to go overdrawn as I wasn’t anticipating those charges so my bank charged me $35 each returned item,I phoned up got a case number was told to fax bank statements and my refunds would be expidited(4 weeks),on 10/8/10 another TW charge for $25 was debited from my account again causing me to overdraw and my bank paid this time and charged me another $35 fee,I was told by Maritza on VM from the TW banking dept that the $25 fees were from my banking institution…huh? i am at my wits end here because I’m a single working mother every dollar is accounted for and now I feel TW owes me $190.82 oh yeah did I mention I’M NOT EVEN A TW CUSTOMER??? Please help I cannot afford all these TW errors.

  25. i agree..my cable cuts in and out on the best part of a show i hve to unhook my box just to watch football on sundays it sucks, and someone owes me a blow job or free cable 2

  26. I completely agree – I just spent 45 minutes of hangups, on hold time and conversations with three separate people ( including a supervisor ) who I could barely understand and had no concept of anything except how to spout company platitudes that they thought passed for customer service. ( I am sorry for the inconvenience, etc..)

    Found out that service was based out of Guatemala – glad they have work but how the hell can I get phone support from someone who barely speaks my language! I agree with the previous comments – Time Warner sucks and they can kiss my ass -I am switching to U-Verse or one of the dish companies – right after I check and see where their service call centers are based out of.

  27. I have had time warner for almost 8 years. I’m very happy with the service and the techs. But I had an increase on my february bill. I made the mistake of calling and asking about it. Billing is now outsourced to the Philippines. An agent said they would give me a discount for 6 months to make up for the increase. However, they raised the basic pkg another 11 dollars so with the discount, I would be paying more than what I called up about. They also added a $13.22 partial monthly charge. Once someone makes a change or mistake on your bill (this happened a few years ago too) your agents insist it can’t be put back: even if its a mistake, a change not asked for or whatever. Its absurd. It seems like you want to bring every customer to a hundred dollar bill even if they don’t have a computer, don’t need internet, and don’t need a phone. I started out at $47 and all the increases were done dishonestly. First one saying I could get the sport channels for a certain amount more. Then the bill comes that is very large. Then they see someone is paying less than the 2012 pkg and put in a new price that they say can’t be changed back. What is going on. Is this why you outsourced. Your not being fair to loyal customers. Why are you ruining TW reputation with these unethical billing practices. You can’t call billing for anything or your bill gets upped. If you loose customers that don’t want to make a change – not good. I am on a limited income and very upset about this – I just shopped around for lower car insurance and now my cable is at least $20 more than january for the same pkg and they won’t fix anything. I spent hours on the phone.
    I guess I have to find another cable provider. Dumb dumb customer service – customers should all change when a company starts outsourcing all their customer service with the purpose of manipulating prices and bills over the phone.

  28. All great.. yet how do you explain this? I’ve been with them for years.. they have been on my bill pay for years.. automatically getting paid. I get a call from an automated system saying I owe them this and that and they’re about to disconnect my service. Still.. all good. I try to interact with the phone system and all it wants to do is for me to pay. I call customer service. They say I owe them this much and that much. He says he sees I made a payment and that I have been making payments and he doesn’t see a laps in my payment, but then I owe them x amount? WHAT? Then he says he can only see the past four months. (btw can barely understand his english.. and he makes no logical sense STOP HIRING DUMB PEOPLE).. What do you mean you can only see my last four billings in your system? well sir you have to go to a branch office to be able to see past four months. WHAT? I have to waste 3 hours of my time to go to your office so that you can tell me how much I owe you erroneously, because some smart idiot decided that you should only be able to see 4 months of a customer’s history? who runs this company???? Seriously? after paying your exuberant fees every month for the past 10 years? Mr TimeWarner.. if you were an email I would delete you immediately, block you and mark you as SPAM. I thought monopolies were not legal.. why can’t I go to another provider and I’m stuck with these people if I want cable? BTW this isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with customer service, it’s always like this.

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