This shirt loves you!

hug shirt

Well, not really. It does, however, let you know someone else loves you, by squeezing various parts of your arms and torso in response to a message sent via cellphone. Of course, it requires a Bluetooth-enabled cellphone and special ‘Hug Me’ Java-based software, but all that is a small price to pay for getting hugs from far-away loved ones. The shirt doesn’t merely send a ‘generic’ hug, either. The hugger can send such specific data as hug pressure, skin temperature, heart rate, and hug duration.  

Of course, if someone hacks your cellphone, you might be getting unexpected hugs from strangers. Then again, if you could convert the ‘Hug Me’ app from a mobile to a Web app, ‘unexpected hugs from strangers’ could turn into a great business model for a babe with a webcam and a hugging shirt. The hugging shirt is only a concept for now, unfortunately, so no price or release info. — Mike Payne

The Hug Shirt [via Ubergizmo]

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