This NES Bed Set Would Motivate Me to Make My Bed Every Morning

Mother is going to be so proud of me. When she comes down in the basement in the afternoon to make sure I’m still alive, she’ll have no need to worry about me making my bed in the morning/afternoon/early evening anymore. If I had a bed like this, I wouldn’t even sleep in it. I’d grab my Shark Attack Sleeping Bag and sleep on the damn floor, just so I can stare at the majesty of the NES Bed Spread. It sure beats having to go upstairs just to look at the NES Coffee Table.

The best little touch has to be the bed skirt featuring the controller ports. Not to forget the controller pillows. Ugh, I just love every single inch of this thing. Instructables user rpaxton created this amazing NES Bed Spread, and if they can do it, you can do it too. If Grandma can make her own thongs, there’s no reason she can’t make this for me for my birthday.

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  1. Note to self: hire a seamstress to create a replica of this.

    Second note to self: see if any seamstresses still exist.

  2. So so cool. Not sure what my girlfriend would think if she came home to a giant Nintendo bed. Maybe a black Sega bed would fly though.

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