Thinklabs iPod Stethoscope brings popular tech to the doc’s office

thinklabs ipod stethoscope

Even though you probably already have a whole slew of iPod accessories floating around in your room, what is there for a doctor? Sure it would be nice for them if they could plug in and jam while diagnosing your problems, but that’s not too professional, is it? Luckly, Thinklabs has created an addon make just for doctors.

The Thinklabs iPod Nano Stethoscope Recording ┬áKit works with the XtremeMac MicroMemo recording unit for the iPod to record what a patient’s heart sounds like. While probably not too useful for your average checkup in an enclosed environment, this can be more applicable our in the open when there are other amibent noises to get in the way of a normal stethoscope. Using a built-in audio amplification coupled with noise reduction, you can hear the heart beats clearer than a normal stethoscope could ever do. The price of the kit shows that it probably isn’t for you, but show it to your doctor, he/she might be impressed! $495. — Nik Gomez

Thinklabs iPod Nano Stethoscope Recording  Package [via OhGizmo!]

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