The Wisdom Door smells the turkey, and refuses to let you in!


Ok, the title might be slightly exaggerated and ridiculous, and way over dramatized, but The Wisdom Door does look pretty cool and at least seem like an interesting idea. The Wisdom door is actually a prototype created by Duke University, which will act similar to a key-card door, except the Wisdom Door would open based on biometric technology.

How is this beneficial? Well, it’s more quick, of course. You’d no longer have to stop for a key card or even the usual biometric retinal scan. Nine sensors incorporated into the door are enough to determine the identification. Four of these sensors measure the persons girth and height, and four sensors to determine weight. Details are hazy on how the machine would adapt to big eating holidays such as Thanksgiving. — Andrew Dobrow

The Wisdom Door Knows You [Technovelgy]

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