The Vertical Mouse 2: Totally missed the first one

vertical mouse 2

So it’s come to this then, huh? We no longer can physically keep our claws at a horizontal angle in fear that our precious wrist ligaments be shard. So now the Vertical Mouse gets released.

Apparently there was a Vertical Mouse 1, which must of looked an awful lot like this one considering the name. The premise of the Vertical Mouse is that the buttons are set up in a way so that your hand is set in a hand shake position rather then a typing position…or something like that.

Okay, okay. It’s true most of us nerds have plenty of experience with repetitive vertical hand motions, but is this really what it must come too? We’d love to try it out (but we are poor) and much like those friendly writers at Coolest Gadget, we would need to be shown a pretty impressive test surf to ever consider changing up full time.

vertical mouse 2

vertical mouse 2

Andrew Dobrow

Vertical Mouse 2  [via Coolest Gadgets]

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