The truth lies in Skype: Lie detection software

skypeHere’s something both equally useful and creepy. Skype has released software capable or reading the amount of stress in someones voice as you talk to them. Voice stress analysis (VSA) technology has been widely used since the 70’s, but is only now being integrated into public use. The software analysis the first 10 seconds of a conversation to determine the overall stress level of someones voice, then comparing the voice to the overall level to determine whether they are being untruthful or not. This software might turn out to do more harm then good. We have a feeling that the “murder through domestic disputes” rate will increase 10 fold because of cheating spouses being caught. But then again, you’d have to have a girlfriend in the first place to get caught. — Andrew Dobrow

Don’t lie to your lover on Skype [iTWire]

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