The TouchDroid Project Dies, but CyanogenMod Lives On

If you’re a HP Touchpad owner, you’ve certainly been in for quite the ride. First, HP incited an internet frenzy when they slashed the price of the HP Touchpad to $99, and announced that they were ceasing manufacturing. Then, Touchpad owners were excited when they heard about work on an Android port. However, the first group working on the Android port for the HP Touchpad suffered a serious setback, and the group disbanded. A drawing of a HP Touchpad was even going for $100,000 on eBay.

Now, it looks like another chapter in the HP Touchpad drama has unfolded. The TouchDroid project has now disbanded, after allegations that the group stole code from CyanogenMod. The allegations were later proven true, and now CyanogenMod is still working on a working Android port to the HP Touchpad.

Let’s just hope that nothing else happens.


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