The Proteus WAM-V wave rider


Somewhere between a standing arch and a boat-plane, without the plane, the WAM-V is one odd looking vehicle. The MAR (Marine Advanced Research), based out of California displays this “adaptive wave” rider to the public, knowing it’s like nothing most of us have ever seen.

The Proteus is the largest of a fleet of WAM-Vs (Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel) that MAR has designed. A set of titanium springs on top of inflated hulls, makes for the smooth ride of the awkwardly designed water mobile.

The Proteus is built to hold two people, just enough for a very creative romantic outing. It measures at a length of 30 meters by 15 meters wide and is currently in it’s final stages of in-water testing. Surprisingly, gas mileage on one these is extremely high because of it’s structure. As much as 5,000 miles a go can be traveled. — Andrew Dobrow

WAM-V [via New Scientist]

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