The next USB accessory: a noodle strainer

usb noodle strainer

With all these USB accessories that seem to be popping up like mad lately, most can be separated into either the nifty category (i.e. USB shaver) or the stupid but funny category (i.e. humping dog USB); however, the USB noodle strainer has to be put in its own category: absolutely stupid. Itís supposed to make soumen noodles for those nerds who can never leave their computers by mixing water and cooked noodles. Yes thatís a cool idea, with the condiment island in the center of the flowing-water moat. These neat little features are drowned out by one big mistake: you are swirling water with USB power, meaning you have to be next to your computer! That is just stupid to be doing. Not only that, but youíre also dumping noodles into the water, which is likely to splash more water, and everyone knows that wet noodles flick water when you pick them up. This one device is 3 water related accidents waiting to happen with your computer. For $120, the USB noodle strainer is an overpriced accident-waiting-to-happen. — Nick Rice

USB noodle strainer [via Gearlog]

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