The Needle and the Damage Done: How to Combat Knitter’s Block

It happens even to the finest of us crafters. One day you’ll be on a roll, knitting a scarf for your daughter in only a few hours, whipping out a quick pair of socks for your son-in-law’s birthday. And in the next moment, disaster strikes – it’s knitter’s block, and it’s here to stay. But don’t go switching on that Matlock marathon just yet! There are ways to combat the affliction. And the Gearfuse Knitting Circle is here to help you through your crisis.

  1. Don’t panic! Knitter’s block happens to everyone. You’re not alone in your situation.
  2. Try reaching out to fellow Gearfuse Knitting Circle members for moral support. We’ve all been there, so we can truly offerencouragementto one another in these times of discouragement.
  3. Try crocheting for a while. Sometimes all we need is a little change in atmosphere. Don’t worry, your knitting supplies will be right where you left them (as long as you can remember where that is).
  4. Take a nap. I’m not quite sure how this helps. But naps are always a good thing.
  5. Ask your grandchildren if they need anything knitted. Assure them that if they ever need any sort of knitted piece of attire, you’re the woman for them! This way, the ideas will come right to you!
  6. Write a detailed list of pieces of clothing you could possibly knit. As long as you haven’t allowed yourself to panic, your hand should be steady enough to hold a pen. Compose a list featuring possible pieces of attire or crafting projects you can complete. These mental cues might give you some ideas. Keep this list around in case of future episodes.
  7. Knit yourself something you’ve always wanted. You spend so much time worrying about everyoneelse’sneeds. Couldn’t you use a new blanket? Perhaps a pair of slippers?

Just remember, when you’re a member of the Gearfuse Knitting Circle, you’re never alone. You CAN get through this dry spell. You’ll prove that to yourself.

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  1. Yes, come over to the dark side of crocheting, the rebellious step sister of knitting 😉

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