The Lazy Man’s iMac


I’m curious. Do you own a Macbook? Does the plastic casing of it fall apart at random like the piece of shit it is? Mine does. If it gets any worse, I’m going to do what this guy did and throw it in a fucking thing that holds paper and mount it to the back of my monitor. It’s not quite an iMac, but hey, it’ll do.


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  1. holy crap. I know. What a piece of shit the macbook is. the software seems to run great but the hardware is (how can I say this?) made in China. wtf is apple thinking? The hard drives are dying. the cd drives too. and the casing is falling apart. Its like they have an expiration date was built in. Im just waiting for my casing to completely fall apart and the mother board to break from lack of support. Seriously this has to be the biggest piece of shit mac has ever made. To Apple: Fuck you for fucking over your loyal customers who pay tons of money to remain in the apple world. We buy your expensive shit year after year and you show us no love. No recalls. Sorry, if your warranty is up its your problem. Im about to go PC. The new name for the Macbook should be “Shitbook”. Comes with all new self-destructing hardware! Seriously Apple: FUCK YOU!!!

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