The Incredible Sock Matching Robot

With how frequently a single sock goes missing in my house, I’m not sure what good a sock matching robot would be, but the concept is a novel one. UC Berkeley researchers programmed the PR2 robot to not only match up pairs of socks, but to also flip the inside out socks back to their outside in form.

The robot is first trained on how to identify whether the sock is inside or outside. After determining the condition, the robot then flips the socks to an outside condition using a pole. The robot then recognizes if both the socks are good to go or not. If they are, it goes ahead and pairs them up.

Now all I need is for some team of researchers to create a washer and dryer that doesn’t torment me by sending 80% of my socks to wherever it is that lost socks go. I mean, my last resort is cutting off one of my feet. And I’m not ready to take that step yet.

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