The Human Vending Machine

Japanese innovation. The Human Vending Machine is an oddity among a world engulfed with technological insight at every corner. This lo-fi vending machine, when compared to the Cmode vending machines of today which mix mobile phone technology with money transfer, might seems laughable, but we think it’s a strong statement.
It might take you a few more minutes to get your Coke, but the human touch is something we really have been missing from our lives the last few years. There are two separate windows. One for children / little people snackers, and one for big people snackers. If you happen to be in Japan, you might want to check out this novelty while it still exists. — Andrew Dobrow
The Human Vending Machine [Eurotechnology]

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  1. hahah whatever next, perhaps a machine that sells umbrellas? no seriously i used one in London last week, it is called umbrolly! take a look

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