The Greenbird Is Quite Fast But Only When She Blows

This is the Greenbird. It might not look like much but it’s going for the world record of fastest wind-powered vehicle. It was designed by Dale Vince of Ecotricity and engineer Richard Jenkins. The current world record is 116.7 MPH and Dale Vince hopes to crush that speed at the dry salt flats at Lake LeFroy in Western Australia.

Using aeronautical techniques and merging them with marine and Formula One technologies, the Greenbird is part aeroplane, part sailboat and part race car. It’s a speed demon only when the wind is blowing. The light carbon composite structure gives it a light weight while the hard sail maximizes its wind thrust. Will it have what it takes to top the record speed? We shall see.

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  1. Gentlemen: An idea to consider. Build a megaphone on the car to catch the
    wind channeling it into a turbine to run the gears & wheels of the car. Or catch the wind to generate electricity to run the car. Make the megaphone able to turn to face
    the wind. No need for the sail/wing. No requirement for the direction of the wind. Ed

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